5 Greatest Casino Films are listed먹튀


There is a large number of gambling films out there and most of them are considered to be quite awful. It’s difficult to transfer the excitement ofgambling onto film as well as transferring the excitement of one actually being in a casino on the big screen.

The Sting (1973)

The movie the Sting is one of the best gambling related movies ever made. Robert Redford partners up with Paul Newman as the con men Johnny and Henry. Together, they pull a con on a mobster, who has a history of cheating, betraying and murdering. Anyhow, its a great movie and probably deserved an Oscar.

California Split (1974)

This is a forgotten masterpiece where we get to watch two degenerate gamblers played by Elliott Gould and George Segal. The meet in random gambling places in the state of California and become friends who go on a gambling mission that will change their lives as they know it. This film is majorly set in card rooms and casinos and features real life gambling pros like Amarillo Preston.

Casino (1995)

Starring big stars like Robert De Niro, and Sharon Stone. The movie portrays the two faces of Las Vegas. On one side we have the fancy and glamour side with its high rollers, sexy waitresses and business men in top of the line suits. But then there is also a scary, violent and criminal side, which is run by power and money hungry mobsters who won’t hesitate to use a gun.

Rounders (1998)

Rounders is a popular classic for all those who started playing Texas Hold’em in the late 90’s. In this film, law-student Mike, played by Matt

Damon, loses thousands of dollars in what is supposed to be the last poker game in his life. But then Worm who is played by Edward Norton, comes along. Together they decide to win the money back and pay Mike’s debts, but this becomes a quite an impossible mission.

The Cooler (2003)

Bernie Lootz is a born and raised looser. Bad luck always follows him like a shadow. Gambling is not one of his strongest sides and that is just an understatement. When he comes to a blackjack table he and everyone around him looses. Bernie’s constant bad luck gets him the perfect job! He gets employed as a “cooler” which is someone who walks up to any table in a casino, and instantly, all the players start to lose. Bernie’s boss gets upset when a beautiful girl comes along and turns Bernie’s world upside down.

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