Asian Plastic Surgery: Common Today

In 2000, no one knew then that there would be nearly a 300% increase among Asians having plastic surgery today. In 2008, 866,000 Asians underwent plastic surgery, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The goal of Asian plastic surgery is to maintain ethnicity, but add enhancement to the face and body. The attraction to plastic surgery procedures may be related to several factors, including:

Improved Techniques

Today, there are improved techniques for some common plastic surgery procedures that Asians are most interested in such as eye lid surgery, nose reshaping and the forehead lift.

Asians request eye lid surgery to improve eye lid hooding that limits vision as well as to make the eyes appear fuller and wider with a more visible eye lid crease. Some plastic surgeons use the root z-epicanthoplasty technique in conjunction with traditional eye lid surgery to improve aesthetics and functionality of the eyes for Asians. In this technique, plastic surgeons use an extended incision which falls into the natural eye lid crease to lengthen the width of the eyes.

Asians are interested in nose reshaping to improve a flat or low nasal bridge and round or flared nostrils. Plastic surgeons may use an extended incision in the open rhinoplasty approach to bring greater proportion to the face.

Asians may also be interested in the endoscopic forehead lift to improve a tired, angered appearance on the face. In the endoscopic technique, small incisions may be made behind the hairline to allow for an endoscope to be used for easier access and guidance in the treatment area. The endoscope offers a less invasive approach when compared to the traditional forehead lift which involves an incision from one end of the temples to the other.

The appeal for plastic surgery in Asians may be because of less invasive procedures that are less painful, reduce downtime and less expensive than traditional plastic surgery procedures. There are numerous advantages that Asians have remarked about, besides the improved appearance, including:

Career Advantages

Some Asians have found that plastic surgery broadens the career outlook. It is true that some people who have underwent plastic surgery remark that plastic surgery helps them maintain competitive in the job market.

Enhanced Intimacy

Asians may be in interested in plastic surgery to achieve greater intimacy in relationships. Of course, this is not the sole reason for Asians to undergo plastic surgery, but a valued benefit that may be experienced following plastic surgery.

Bridge the Partner Age Gap

Older Asians who request plastic surgery may desire to look more youthful for their younger wives, husbands or significant others. For any Aesthetics agency related help, visit Aesthetics agency


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