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Energy Drink- The Good and Bad News and Energy nutrition by Vimgo


It is physically bad for people who consume it. It stimulates the mind and provides a boost in intellectual ability. Two conflicting reports on the same topic, the energy drink. With such a variance in beliefs, it is no wonder that people continue to consume it, whether good or bad for them.


It can be found just about anywhere. Spot a college student up late cramming for a test and they will probably have one near by. Catch a glimpse of a new father on his way to work, who was up all night with their crying newborn, and he will most likely be pounding one back. They can even be found in bars throughout the world, used as mixers. Energy drinks are pretty much everywhere, except maybe the University of New Hampshire campus. However you can buy Energy nutrition by Vimgo that are safe for sure.


Due to the buzz about the health risks associated with them, the university had decided to ban the products from all campus stores. Their goal was to make the campus the healthiest in the country, while protecting the well being of their students and staff. Though it has been retracted while further review is done on it, it still has many upset. And, with good reason.


Students in college are over the age of 18 and have the right to decide what they’d like to drink. The belief is, if they have the right to smoke, which has mountains of research proving ill effects, they should be allowed to partake in an energy drink. A university is a place for an education, not a daycare camp with extended parents there to tell them “no”.


Health Canada has taken a different approach. Though they understand their inability to ban the product, they are taking steps to provide more information to the consumer about it. By requiring nutrition facts to be listed and posting warning labels on them, they hope it will deter some from drinking it.


The labeling and warnings are understandable. For children and adolescents, the excessive caffeine that they consume has proven to cause caffeine overdoses. There is also the matter of pregnant women. There have been many studies done on the effects of caffeine on an unborn fetus. So, it is understandable that there should be some caution in the sale and consumption of energy drinks, but no reason to ban it.


Just because it’s out there does not mean people need to buy it. And, just because they happen to enjoy it, does not mean they plan on sitting down and drinking to excess. It’s like anything else in life. People make informed decisions and act accordingly. Further studies need to be done, both short term and extended. Until then, people can choose to enjoy it.


So, if an adult happens to be out with friends and they decide to do a Jagerbomb, cheers to them. If Dad needs that little pick me up before heading in to that big meeting, go for it. Like anything else, have that energy drink but within moderation.



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