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Sarıyer Attractions



If you want to spend some time away from the noise and stress of the city at the weekend in Istanbul, Sarıyer one of the most beautiful places on the Bosphorus and air as well as delicacies.


What was once a small village of Sariyer to the 16th century and 17th century mansions and residences were being made. Later in the 19th century Ottoman palace and the people who are close to the embassies of foreign countries have found a place for themselves in Sarıyer Coast. Some residences have remained from that time the Bosphorus.


Sarıyer, attracts attention with its mansions used to be the number of sets in recent years. (Especially Aşk-ı mansion in Memnu series)


Sarıyer name not known exactly where it is because of the old gold and copper mines in Sarıyer removed in some places the soil was in amber and half are formed due to the excavations. Competition in Sariyer turned yellow over time.


Sarıyer Attractions & Points of Interest

Sarıyer Attractions and Places are located in more strait coast. Sarıyer and Bosphorus views can be enjoyed around drinking tea in the cafe on the beach.


Sarıyer has many attractions lined up side by side on the beach. Sarıyer people because it provides subsistence fisheries will see a lot more fishing boat near the Port Sarıyer.


Pastry Sarıyer and Sarıyer Muhallebicisi

Sarıyer Pastry, one of the most famous flavor Sariyer. Minced meat, regardless of the taste of currants and Sarıyer Pastry made with peanut returns from Sarıyer.


“Besiktas where to eat pie? “The most famous address to let you in this place:


History Sarıyer Muhallebicisi

Minced meat and dairy desserts Sarıyer Pastry are very nice. If you want Borek after Sarıyer Chicken Breast, try the Kazandibi or Rice Pudding. You can watch the Bosphorus views from the upper floors of space. History Sarıyer Muhallebicisi, milk used in dairy desserts brings the animals raised on farms in Zekeriyakoy specifically.


Famous Pastry Sarıyer

Pastry is famous Sarıyer serves in the same place more than a century. Sarıyer Pastry can watch the Bosphorus from the top floor, one of the most famous attractions Sariyer. You can try the minced Sarıyer Borek. More Mersin Escort



Sultan’s Sarıyer Pastry

One of Sarıyer beachfront serving doner kebab places Sarıyer Sarıyer Pastry’s best-known pastry shops.


What to Eat in Sarıyer?

If you say from what is eaten in another Sariyer Sariyer Börekçisi, we can recommend the fish restaurant in the port. Here fish are sold on a daily basis. All kinds of fish from the Bosphorus and the Black Sea according to the season is possible to find here.


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