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What makes poker really exciting is bluffing. You can actually take home an entire pot by bluffing your way to it. In Toto HK you do not need to have good cards to win. Sometimes, the bluffing skill can take you a long way. If you are able to make a two layered bluff then you are even better. What is a two layered bluff anyway?

A two layered bluff is that you are bluffing that you are bluffing which means that you really have something. You should be able to make your opponents think that you do not have anything. You should be able to reel in your opponents. What is an example of a two layered bluff?

Let us say that you have a seven and a ten that are suited. The flop comes out and then here comes a six, an eight, and a nine, all suited with yours. You have a royal flush already. Your opponents may have something like a pair but you already have the highest five card combination possible. Now, you have to pretend that you do not have anything. Act like a bluffer and pretend that you really have the royal flush. You see, there is a difference in acting like you have the royal flush and acting like you are pretending to have a royal flush. You should be doing the latter. You can give away some tell signs. You can pretend to look away. You can pretend to swallow and do all sorts of fake telling but you should not be obvious. You are an actor in this show and you have the lead role. If you do not get the Oscar Award then you are going to end up broke and kicked out of the table. You have to put on a great show if you want to pull off the two layered bluff.

Now you are in the groove. You have your opponents thinking that you are bluffing. They keep on betting and betting and they are trying to catch you. When the last card comes out, you might want to go all in and pretend that this is your final bluff. If your opponents buy this act of yours then you can easily take out everyone on the poker table. You see, the two layered bluff is the most lethal and most deadly weapon in poker. It is like double crossing someone in real life. If you have been double crossed then you know how being double crossed feels. You are not a fool, are you? As some basketball players would say. If you think that you are getting a one up on someone then you better think again. These people may be the pros at the two layered bluff. You may think that you are gaining on them but at the end of the day, you are the fool. Sometimes you have to stop laughing because the joke is on you already. Do not be a fool. Be smart and aware.

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