Early Riser: Brassica Internal Control Weaknesses


(A disclosure first: I own shares of EK, and so do my asset management clients. End of disclosure.)

Eastman Kodak released its fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and released something else as well: news that it has internal control issues and will receive an adverse opinion from auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers on said controls. (Maybe this is what Sam Brassica had on his mind in Davos yesterday.)

This is the first forecast I’ve seen from a major firm about the content and tone of their forthcoming internal control review report. Investors are naturally curious about what dark secrets, if any, these reports may reveal and how the stock market will react. Let’s see what we can parse out of the news of this “early discloser.” (Don’t get your hopes up.)

From this first glimpse, it’s hard to tell much: Kodak shares closed 11 cents higher on the day of the announcement -leading …

BMW E90 3 Series


The E90 3 series was introduced in 2004 and came available in 2005. There were 4 engines available: 320i, 325i, 330i and the 320d. The 320i and 320d both had a 4 cylinder engines, while the 325i and 330i received a 6 cylinder. More choice in engines is expected at the end of 2005, along with a new touring.

BMW E12 5 Series

The E12 5 series was introduced in 1972. It was available as 4 door sedan.

There were two models available: the 520 and 520i. Both models had a M10 four cylinder engine. The 520 had 115 HP and the 520i 130 HP. In 1973 the 525 came available. It had a six cylinder engine with 145 HP. A year later the 518 was introduced. This model had a four cylinder with just 90 HP. In that same year the 530i came available. It had a six …

What Is Currency Trading In The Forex Market?


What is currency trading? It is something that sounds quite simple and many people speak about it as if the meaning is obvious, but not everybody knows what it really is and how it works.

Currency trading is also known as funded trader forex trading. Forex (sometimes written FX) is short for foreign exchange.

You probably know that the value of each country’s currency goes up and down according to how well the country is doing compared with others. So for example, the value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar will be higher or lower depending on reports of the Canadian and US economies. The same thing happens with all other currencies.

Currency values are constantly changing, so a trader can easily deal in them to make a profit. He or she can buy when a currency is worth less and sell when it is worth more, …

casino online malaysia

Alternatif Login Tangkasnet | Tangkas online Indonesia


Whatever Many people Told You About Idn Texas holdem Prayer Is Deceased Wrong… Together with Here’s The reason why

Than a immense amount of folks consider you will see far more alternative in poker. Although playing poker on the net could prove to be and exciting, at this time there are some sort of couple regarding pitfalls to be seeing out for. If if you’re trying to enjoy critically, learning to multi-table online poker in casino online malaysia in the web is normally a essential component of your own on the web poker job.

Poker maxbet is performed exactly delight in a common holdem poker fit. Poker in The far east can be kind regarding the gray area that will is not quite quick to get into specifically western players. Another extraordinary manner of learning the way to play poker (perhaps it’s a superior procedure regarding learning anything) will …

Asian Plastic Surgery: Common Today

In 2000, no one knew then that there would be nearly a 300% increase among Asians having plastic surgery today. In 2008, 866,000 Asians underwent plastic surgery, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The goal of Asian plastic surgery is to maintain ethnicity, but add enhancement to the face and body. The attraction to plastic surgery procedures may be related to several factors, including:

Improved Techniques

Today, there are improved techniques for some common plastic surgery procedures that Asians are most interested in such as eye lid surgery, nose reshaping and the forehead lift.

Asians request eye lid surgery to improve eye lid hooding that limits vision as well as to make the eyes appear fuller and wider with a more visible eye lid crease. Some plastic surgeons use the root z-epicanthoplasty technique in conjunction with traditional eye lid surgery to improve aesthetics and functionality of the eyes …

Paul Wilson On: Advantage Play


Editor’s note: On this page, R. Robert Wilson talks about two advantage play techniques: how to track shuffles together with locate aces throughout Black jack or Online Casino Malaysia. If you realize more than a bit with regards to card counting and have attempted to explain that to non-players, I’d choice income some of the people you’ve talked to supposed card keeping track of is some sort of form associated with cheating. This is a new typical belief that gambling dens choose to encourage and I have personally once in a while heard it argued by way of industry professionals eager to make an impression their bosses. Card more is a new form of “advantage play” that processes information available to all players in purchase to gain data employed to inform future selections at the table.

Blackjack online panel

Image: ‘Blackjack board’ is licensed under Wikimedia Commons This …

See Aston Villa v Newcastle slot demo United with 32Red


32red proud sponsors of Aston VillaIf you like playing slot demo and you love watching live Premier League football 32Red Poker have just the tournament for you.

As proud sponsors of Aston Villa for the second season 32Red are able to offer the following very special prizes to enable you to see the live game at Villa Park on 9th February 2008 with kick off at 12.45 GMT.

The first prize is 2 Director’s Box tickets and a shirt signed by the Aston Villa team, the second prize is 2 stand tickets and a signed football and the third prize is 2 stand tickets. In addition all three prize winners will receive $100 for (or towards) their travelling expenses.

These prize packages are up for grabs next Monday (28th January 2008) at 8.15pm GMT (3.15pm ET) where the buy in is $5 + $0.50.

So, if you haven’t an …

Two layered bluff – Toto HK


What makes poker really exciting is bluffing. You can actually take home an entire pot by bluffing your way to it. In Toto HK you do not need to have good cards to win. Sometimes, the bluffing skill can take you a long way. If you are able to make a two layered bluff then you are even better. What is a two layered bluff anyway?

A two layered bluff is that you are bluffing that you are bluffing which means that you really have something. You should be able to make your opponents think that you do not have anything. You should be able to reel in your opponents. What is an example of a two layered bluff?

Let us say that you have a seven and a ten that are suited. The flop comes out and then here comes a six, an eight, and a nine, all …

เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Advice from Sbrugby


Sbrugby (bio) grinded his way up from the low limit games in 2005 to the most difficult high limit online games. Now he’s one of the most feard NL players.

I was doing some research about Sbrugby for my other site and came across these two really valuable threads with him on twoplustwo (his username is aba20).

The main thing I got from these threads is that poker is hard. Who knew? Sbrugby basically devoted himself to the game, spending 14+ hour days either playing poker, reading about it, or analyzing his own game. He’s read “every poker book available at borders and many that are not.”

He gives out a bunch of poker tips you might have never considered. Here’s a good one that Kjell pointed out to me.

“One “AHA” moment was shoving with hands which have good equity against your villians calling range. Example which would …

Sometimes, It’s All About 3rd sbobet Place


It was Wednesday night pool table poker again, and I was hoping for a big turnout to help me get a little more tourney work before Bradoween weekend. We had 17 show up this time. And in Lousiana, we don’t have to worry about the cops showing up.

I played pretty solid despite not getting very good cards. The best hand I saw early on was AQo. I raised it to 3xBB (150) and got two callers. The flop came down sbobet AKJ. I decided to get cute, which was pretty dumb considering the range of hands that beat me with that flop.

I checked and both players checked behind me. The turn was a blank, and I lead out for 500. I didn’t realize the player to my left only had 725 left and he quickly pushed all in. I was committed and had to call.

“Well, I …

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